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Helping millions breathe more easily.

A whole new story for a global leader developing drug inhalers for conditions like asthma.

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Bespak are a new company, with a familiar name. They have decades of experience designing, developing and manufacturing millions of pulmonary and nasal drug-device combination products, for patients worldwide with lung conditions. That’s everything from developing drug formulations in the lab, manufacturing the devices at scale, to filling them ready for distribution.

Until recently they were three sites under a parent company, Recipharm, who also make many other healthcare products. The decision was made to spin out the inhalation businesses as a new company with a singular focus.

They reached out to us to help define their offer to market, unite their three sites under one new name, create a powerful brand identity and design and build a comprehensive website.


Helping millions breathe more easily.

Currently, the propellant gas that inhalers use has a global warming impact many times that of carbon. Bespak are at the forefront of a massive shift towards climate-friendly propellants that are as much as 99% better for the environment.

We made the link between the relief that patients get from the drugs they so vitally need, and the benefit we all get from fewer emissions and cleaner air – which in turn reduces the onset of lung conditions. ‘Helping millions breathe more easily’ became the rallying cry that drove the new brand, internally and externally.


Three sites, one breath.

The decision was made to revive the name Bespak which has decades of familiarity in the sector, before it was lost during multiple acquisitions.

The identity is built on a language of breathing – inhaling and exhaling. The new logo creates a B from the three company sites, now united as one, flowing together as a continuous breath. The wordmark’s custom typography echoes those curves in the B and the K.

The breathing concept extends throughout the brand identity. Using variable fonts, we introduced a new type family that ‘breathes’ between narrow and extended widths.


Our logo symbol comes to life as a graphic that flows from edge to edge across applications, representing both continuous breathing, and continuous manufacturing.


Sector analysis showed key competitors using colours from across the spectrum, but not purple. We grabbed the opportunity to stand out – with a touch of green for our genuine environmental credentials.

We created a brand new website from top to bottom – UX, copywriting, design and development. The homepage acts as an impactful journey through the main points of our brand story, led by the animated breathing graphic.


We structured the deeper site around the three ways a customer can understand the breadth of what they do: Platforms, Processes and Propellants. Comprehensive design modules use the brand’s colour, typography and shape language to flexibly support all future content.


Independent since 1965.

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‘You took the time to really understand our business, you made the creative process very accessible, and the results show. Super pleased with the outcome.’

Chris Hirst, CEO, Bespak

The new company was announced in April 2024, with branded assets, a new website and new building signage ready to go from day one.


Limber have overseen a handover process to the day-to-day content marketing agency as the future brand guardians, with comprehensive guidelines, CMS training and design review.

‘You have challenged us, led us, and got us over the line. We couldn’t be happier!’

Louise Righton, Head of Strategic Marketing, Bespak

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