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Obsession means…

Revitalising a specialist by rediscovering their original spirit.


Brand identity


Brand launch direction


Website design


Control Techniques have been pioneering the design and manufacture of industrial drives for almost 50 years. (Drives are the bits of kit that work as the brains behind any motor that moves machinery.) They’re specialists in a sector full of generalists, fighting with the likes of Siemens for market share.

Their independent spirit, strong in the past, was getting lost in trying to please everybody.

They’re not just specialists. They’re Drive Obsessed.


They don’t have the wide product ranges that some rivals do. This repositioning turned that source of shame into pride, and the ballsy attitude instantly resonated throughout the business. 


It fulfilled all three key criteria – attractive to customers, distinctive from competitors, and true to who they were. Three years later, it’s been the jumping-off point for dozens of marketing initiatives.

A complete rebrand (with the team at GW+Co) was based on the idea of the drives as ‘unsung heroes’ that CT were obsessed with championing. A new logo revived and updated their original symbol to signal a statement of intent.


When the pandemic prevented a launch in real life, Limber Brands orchestrated an online live event, and wrote, designed and directed a series of videos and a microsite telling the new brand story.


Independent since 1965.

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A live premiere with over 11,000 views


400% social media followers

3 years of instantly recognisable marketing

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