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The European Climate and Energy Modelling Forum (ECEMF) has been set up by universities across the EU to create a common place for energy and climate researchers and policy makers to come together, share research and tackle the key challenge of our time – achieving climate neutrality.


Different routes to a common goal

Everyone agrees on the need to reach net zero carbon by 2050. But there are many different views on the best path to get there. This is the problem the ECEMF helps to resolve. Our identity reflects this by bringing together many typographic zeroes and overlaying them in one circular form.

They say

“I can’t wait to unveil our new look to the world...”

Will Usher, Assistant Professor and project lead, ECEMF

Brand identity



European Climate and Energy Modelling Forum

Together for net zero

Creating one focal point for many angles of climate research


The resulting symbol is intentionally mixed-up and unresolved, because so are all our actions. But it has energy, movement and a sense of unity. Colours go beyond typical ‘eco’ greens into an electric spectrum. And the mark can be used in messaging too.


The ECEMF has relaunched with the new identity and is building partnerships across Europe along with a programme of events. 

Our work won Silver in Best Visual Identity (Education) at the Transform Awards 2022.

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