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Digitalise to decarbonise.

Helping building owners meet climate goals using smart technology.




Brand identity


Website design


Commercial buildings are getting serious about climate change, and existing buildings need to be adapted at scale to run more efficiently and meet net zero goals. To digitalise and decarbonise, the right smart technology needs to be in place.

But because the choice of apps is bewildering, property investment firm PATRIZIA created the first end-to-end platform to health-check buildings and recommend a unique stack of technologies. We created a name, story and brand identity to bring it to market.

A technology stack unique to every building.


We combined a ‘stack’ of technologies with the ‘stack’ of floors inside a building and visualised these with simplified 3D shapes derived from mobile app icons.


The shapes and colours combine in different ways, expressing how each building’s recommended tech stack is unique to them. We gave them a transparent finish so the interior space was visible, and brought them to life with animation.

The name Ambio combines AMB (ambient) with IO (technology) – describing the wireless technology that surrounds a building’s users, from air quality and occupancy monitoring, to connected lighting and EV charging.

Naming and logo

As Ambio deals in internal spaces, the logo was derived from the internal spaces in the a, b and o of the name. As a flat version of the stack shapes, the lettering takes on a stencilled, calligraphic approach that runs counter to the prevailing trends in digital branding.

Best Naming Strategy 

Transform Awards 2023


Ambio launched to market with a European roadshow in summer 2022 to 20+ cities. A grand unveiling for the product and brand was attended online by 1000+ internal PATRIZIA employees.




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“From the outset, we liked the genuine and high-quality thought process of the team. Limber Brands understood our problems quickly and came up with intelligent paths forward. In the end, the brand we have is not ‘another one of those’.”

Philippe Le Fort, Director, Ambio

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