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Exclusive Construction Group are specialists in construction and renovation for high-end residential London properties. They manage the whole process, from hardcore structural work to extremely refined finishes and interiors.

But their original identity didn’t live up to the prestige and quality of the projects they undertook. They needed to elevate the brand, clarify their offer and gain stand-out in a highly competitive luxury sector.

Previously known as ERL (Exclusive Residential Ltd.) they needed to relaunch with a new name that encompassed their broader offer and spoke directly to both individual and commercial clients. Working closely with the three directors we developed a naming hierarchy which gave them sub-logos for their distinct offerings of Residential, Projects and Aftercare. 

Name and structure


Brand structure

Brand identity


Design system

Website design

Exclusive Construction Group

Steel beams and chandeliers

Building premium spaces and great relationships

They say

”Limber created a visual identity that perfectly encapsulated our mission and values as a company. It brings together everything we currently do and supercharges what’s coming next. ”

Andrew Hunter, Head of Marketing


The bold colour palette stands out from the predominantly white look of the competition. An expanded website can now showcase their completed projects and, with copywriting focusing on Exclusive’s personal and client-centric approach, offers reassurance and credibility.


Limber also designed and produced hero applications across all key media – a new microsite (, a beautiful printed brochure, an animated brand story video and the booth design for the prestigious ACRL conference. We’ve taken care to make sure internal teams can follow what we’ve started.


Exclusive now have a design system which defines their position, allows them to showcase their work and win all important new clients.


The brand comes together on various touchpoints creating a seamless experience from the initial engagement, to on site and beyond. And a set of guidelines provides the tools needed to continue this consistency in the future.

Our brand-new logo mark is a unique take on the ‘Ex’ of Exclusive – with the ‘E’ as three stories of a building and the ’x’ as the special renovated apartment within it. It gives them a mark that’s robust enough for a builders’ yard, but elegant enough for Bond St, too.


Whilst construction is the bedrock to the brand, it is the quality of materials, craftsmanship and finish that makes them exclusive. These complementary parts informed the typographic approach, with a characterful serif representing the quality and high-end prestige, and a harmonious sans alluding to the more practical side of construction. Aligned pairs of images further balance both the process and the exceptional finish. 


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