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Sit active, not passive.

Building a brand for a yoga-inspired seat for the home.



Brand identity

Art direction

Website design


We worked with the founder of a startup furniture company to build a brand around a product he’d developed after using yoga techniques to recover from a sports injury. It’s a luxuriously wide seat, with a loose fabric block instead of a backrest. This means you can sit in many different ways, bringing the ‘active sitting’ principles from yoga to a seat designed for use with a home-working desk. It’s disarmingly simple, but having borrowed it, we became avid fans.

It’s not a yoga product, but appeals to customers with an interest. We defined the name Yoma – from yoga + home – along with a simple descriptor and hero copy that championed the cause: that most work chairs aren’t helping our body’s health.

The logo reveals the universal ‘om’ chant from yoga practice and elevates it, with the typographic characters floating effortlessly upon a platform that rises up. This came out of a conversation about how the Yoma ‘brings the floor to the desk’. The hand-drawn lettering curves gently like a human body on the seat.


We art directed the initial suite of product images, with the seat and cushion both ‘floating’ in a meditative state. And the brand is supported by rounded, comfy typography that reflects the logo, with key words rising up as highlights.

A yoga product with a hidden ‘om’.


“The whole thing looks brilliant – I’m so excited, it’s taken us up several levels.”

Andrew Millar, Founder


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