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Robot rock.

Creating a complete code companion for a SaaS product.

Brand identity



Website design


Clayton are a SaaS software startup that automates code review for Salesforce platforms. What sounds niche can actually make a huge difference at scale, as finding and fixing coding errors can mean massive and costly downtime. Clayton have built a solution that does it faster and more accurately than any rival, and offers up helpful autofix suggestions and team insight reports.

The founders knew the way they presented themselves wasn’t at the level they aimed to compete at. Competitor research revealed an opportunity for a brand based on positive change, not fear-mongering.

Turn automated software into a code companion.


They had a simple robot icon, but didn’t go much further than that. We brought him to life, beyond the confines of a logo.

The Clayton character now personifies (or robotifies) the product in every touchpoint, with more expression, flexible arms and speed lines. Placing him in a grid of abstracted code, we can show the speed and accuracy with which he finds and fixes mistakes.


The thin slab typography hints at coding, and new colours were introduced including, appropriately, a clay colour for Clayton. All these elements combine to make the brand recognisable in any interaction.

A series of workshops uncovered the word that really distilled the advantage Clayton had over rivals – ‘Complete’. No one else could offer the range of helpful features. We created a messaging structure to sharpen their communication to customers.


We oversaw a range of applications to launch the brand, including the website, sales deck, social media, merchandise and apparel.


There for the climb.

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“Limber articulated the real value of our product in a way we had always struggled to… we now have all the right tools for growth.”

Lorenzo Frattini, Founder, Clayton

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