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As easy as app, tap, go.

A launch campaign for a pioneering industrial product.

Ad campaign creative

Art direction


3D animation


Our long-standing client Control Techniques have spent decades engineering industrial drives – the kit that controls how a motor makes anything move, from cranes to theatre stages. Their newest product, Commander S, was for an everyday audience, prioritising ease-of-use and speed of set up. And crucially it was the world’s first drive with NFC app control.

We orchestrated a major launch campaign for the new drive, creating a memorable hook around which could hang technical content, PR, events and promotions. It’s been by far the most successful product launch in their history.

Green means go.


Their drives are known for their bright green colour in a sea of grey. We pushed the association of green lights/go and placed the drive in a world of colour. Building on this was a lead campaign message of ‘App, tap, go’ highlighting the NFC technology and how easy it makes using the product. And finally, we illustrated the familiar motion of a contactless ‘tap’ in bright pink.


In the launch video, the phone activates a series of messages with this action before revealing the product. Across print and online, we created a campaign toolkit to use the elements in multiple combinations. 

215k YouTube views


Sales targets exceeded within one month


Amazing archives, revealed.

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