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Delightfully hardworking spaces.

A website and identity for architects who put the fun in functional.

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R2 are an award-winning London architecture firm established in 2009. With a wealth of experience and fantastic case studies, their existing website and identity wasn’t doing them justice.

The founders knew they felt strongly about design, sustainability and collaboration, but articulating what they stood for in an engaging way was something they needed our help with. 


Creating spaces that sustain.

We ran workshops to identify what it was that made them stand out in their field. R2 create spaces that sustain. True sustainability is about doing it once and doing it right – and creating a space that sustains you for the long term.

The other key phrase was ‘Delightful and hardworking spaces’, which summed up both sides of their approach – functional ingenuity alongside moments of surprise and joy.

How they referred to themselves was inconsistent. Our new logo took them from R2 Studio Architects to simply R2. The simple but powerful new wordmark reflects what they do, by creating a space that eminates from the right-angle between the R and the 2.


This can then be filled with all kinds of project imagery. Reflecting the studio’s great interest in texture and material, we composed pairs of images showing both wide views and small details.

We reworked the studio website from the ground up, identifying customer types and streamlining user jouneys for each of them. As well as a display of newly-curated case studies, we put a greater emphasis on guidance, with a new knowledge-sharing section and a breakdown of project stages. 


Working with colour is a cornerstone of their approach, so each project appears on a backdrop of a sympathetic pastel background colour. And the sticky logo in the top-left corner continues to ‘hold’ the imagery throughout each page.


There for the climb.

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‘Limber helped us find our voice… We needed not just a website, but a more in-depth review of our offer and positioning. We are very happy with our new site and visual output.’

Frederick Rissom, Partner, R2

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