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A digital mirror.

Making AI less abstract for a radical new business tool.

Brand identity

Digital UI


Silico are a rapidly growing startup who are on a mission to help organisations make better decisions. Their software helps you build an accurate virtual model of your business, letting you test decisions and outcomes in a safe environment. Rather than relying on historic data, it uses AI to run thousands of future scenarios. A name change (from Sheetless) required a new identity that made their proposition clear.

Silico are like a digital mirror of your business.


The ‘mirror’ concept informed the reflected logo design. Images are also mirrored along a central axis, making any picture or video identifiably theirs.


A sector-defying colour palette and customised typography gave them the UI tools they needed. And we wrote, designed and directed a high-tempo sales video that summarises their purpose and explains how it works.

“They gave us more than we could wish for and took us to the next level… our offer to market is now infinitely sharper.”

John Hill, Founder, Silico


Robot rock.

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