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Obsessives included.

Showing off a personal service in an impersonal industry.

Advertising campaign

Creative concepts

Art direction




Unidrive is an industrial drive that can control almost anything, from skyscraper elevators to Formula 1 test rigs. It accounts for 50% of Control Techniques’ global sales but had become somewhat taken for granted. Amid commercial pressure, we were asked to come up with a bold relaunch campaign.

The customer experience is as much about the service you get as the product itself. Everything down to the software code can be personalised. Their rivals don’t offer this.

Obsessives come included.


To show both product and service, we shot a series of people squeezed inside the drive. All four are genuine CT employees, not models, representing service, engineering, programming and technical support.


Live projections behind them illustrate what they do, be it talk, code, design or offer 24/7 support. These were used for ads across print, online and video.

“They took apart the brief we gave them and produced something magical… quickly it felt like working with team members rather than an external agency.”

Gavin Sevier, Head of Launch and Campaigns, Control Techniques


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